Pre-sales service

Ziguang Xiaotong inherits the positioning of Ziguang Digital as a "large-scale comprehensive marketing service network", pays attention to "value-added distribution", and coordinated the development of "regional coverage ability of low-end products" and "market development ability of high-end products". The three service platforms of Ziguang Digital IT distribution, intelligent logistics and supply chain finance provide one-stop and three-dimensional solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises, channels and industry customers in an effort to build a marketing service network, on demand, to provide customers with dynamic growth services.

Ziguang Xiaotong has a product operation, technical service, sales and promotion team, which has been deeply engaged in AI value-added distribution for many years, has accumulated rich experience in user and channel services, and maintains close communication and synchronous cooperation with NVIDIA and Dingjia. The main business is IT business channel distribution, value-added distribution, industry distribution, system integration, solution integration and other fields, covering graphics processing, data center, network infrastructure, servers, workstations, software and other IT infrastructure. Based on IOT, big data and cloud platform construction, Ziguang Xiaotong will provide system integration and operation services for partners and customers in education, transportation, finance, medical treatment, energy and other industries, as well as industry strategic consulting, business consulting and top-level design service solutions.

Ziguang Xiaotong shares the resources of Ziguang Digital Group, and has set up three headquarters bases in Beijing, Suzhou and Tianjin. The three headquarters provide nine business support centers, including operation, procurement, business, settlement, marketing, logistics, finance, information and risk control, to ensure efficient services. There are 14 first-level platforms and 33 second-level offices across the country, and branch platforms are equipped with marketing and technical support personnel to provide customers with face-to-face services. More than 70 warehouses have been set up in nearly 30 cities, covering more than 600 cities, ensuring that goods are limited in time, and can radiate to the national marketing network of other four to six cities, and will continue to increase geographical coverage to the maximum extent. In terms of market expansion, the "development and support of target agents and target users" is placed in an important position, and agents with industry penetration capabilities are selected and supported to fully expand the industry market. By developing these unique product operation capabilities that are not easily replicated by other distributors, it will better improve its business risk resistance in the future and provide a broader space for the future development of the new company.