After-sales service

1. Human life is limited, but serving the people is unlimited. I will devote my limited life to serving the people indefinitely. -- Lei Feng
2. My philosophy of life is work, I want to reveal the mysteries of nature, and to serve mankind. In our short life on earth, I don't know of any better service than this. -- Edison
3. Science is by no means a selfish pleasure. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to devote themselves to scientific research should first put their knowledge at the service of mankind. -- Marx
4. As long as a person is willing to go deep below the surface of things to explore, even if he may not see it right, he clears the way for others, and even makes his mistakes finally serve the cause of truth. -- Bock
5. We cannot all serve our motherland in the same way. Everyone should do his or her best according to his or her abilities. -- Goethe
The theories developed by the Chinese must first serve the Chinese. -- Wu Zhonghua