GTC23 | "Voice AI" Topic Club Speeches Capped

In the past, when people mentioned synthetic speech, they often associated with monotonous robot phones and GPS navigation systems, and voice AI changed this situation.Voice AIEnables people to talk to devices, machines, and computers, simplifying and improving lives, which is being used to support virtual assistants, expand call centers, enhance AR experiences, improve clinic experiences, and more.


GTC23More than 650 sessions will be held during the period, includingVoice AI Branchwill focus onautomatic speech recognition,multilingual translationandText to SpeechThe latest developments in this area.


"Voice AI Developer Day" is a wonderful first look!



Leading the way with advanced voice AI technology


Conference Code:[SE52308]

First time:March 20, 23:30-00:20 the next day

In today's fast-paced business world, where users in all industries want 24/7, immediate, and accurate service, user-facing solutions such as video conferencing, broadcast, emergency services, and contact centers face many challenges in building and deploying them. In this session, experts will share experiences and discuss how advanced voice AI technologies can be used to address challenges such as high latency, scalability, security, and operational costs. Attendees will learn how to use voice AI to improve services and stay ahead of the competition.


Guest speaker:


Hemant DhullaVice President and General Manager, Data Center, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Communications, NVIDIA

Ravi Teja Konkima, Quantiphi Machine Learning Engineer

Vishal Manchanda,Infosys, Ltd. Senior Chief Architect

Jenn Perry, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Motorola Solutions



Hybrid Cloud Voice AI Solution


Conference Code:[SE51125]

First time:March 21 1:30 - 2:00

Up to 90% of the world's data is unstructured, so businesses are adopting conversational AI technologies to extract value and output insights from this data. While GPU-accelerated natural language processing (NLP) tools can help with text data, businesses increasingly need a solution stack that optimizes the capture, processing, and analysis of audio data to keep up with the times. This solution requires large-scale deployment of high-precision speech recognition and synthesis technologies that translate industry-specific terminology, enable multilingual interaction, and provide real-time responses. Attendees will work with experts from HPE and NVIDIA to learn about architectural requirements, scaling factors when building such solutions, and technical implementation and performance details of conversational AI solutions using NVIDIA Riva, NVIDIA GPUs, HPE Ezmeral software, and HPE GreenLake.


Guest speaker:


Paul high topChief Engineer, HPE

Nima For Nejatian, NVIDIA RIVA Engineering Manager



Tap the power of voice AI for superior communication and collaboration


Conference Code:[SE52349]

First time:March 20 23:00 - 23:30

In order to provide a leading platform that allows users around the world to meet, talk, chat, share files and manage tasks, enterprises need to integrate high-precision, high-performance real-time voice AI in multiple languages into existing cloud, hybrid or on-premises systems and applications. The session will explore the challenges and benefits of integrating Riva Voice AI technology from Avaya Spaces (a team collaboration and conferencing application) into Avaya Experience Platform (an AI solution for the best contact center customer experience and real-time conversation analytics). Want to improve the level of communication and collaboration enterprises can not miss!


Guest speaker:


Stephen BrockAvaya Director of Marketing



the future of the meta universe:

Voice AI in Extended Reality (XR)


Conference Code:[SE52296]

First time:March 21 00:30 - 1:20

Learn how industry leaders and solution adopters are using voice AI for virtual and augmented reality applications. Guests will share how voice AI is improving its meta-universe applications, discuss challenges and explain solutions. Attendees will also learn about the potential impact of speech AI on future meta-cosmic applications.


Guest speaker:


David WeinsteinDirector of Extended Reality, NVIDIA

Rajesh Iha,SimInsights, Inc. Founder and CEO

Sepi Motamedi, NVIDIA Global Broadcast Industry Marketing

Solomon W. JagweThe Adventures of Nkoza & Nankya, co-founder of Sowl Studios



More exciting content waiting for participants to explore



Demystifying Voice AI


Conference Code:[S51637]

First time:March 21 00:00 - 00:50


Future customer service:

How Voice AI is changing the industry landscape


Conference Code:[S51866]

First time:March 22 1:00 - 1:50


Transform customer service with voice AI apps


Conference Code:[S51924]

First time:March 23 1:00 - 1:50


Talk about Voice AI: Fireside Talk with Startups


Conference Code:[S51645]

First time:March 23 5:00 - 5:50


Industry Expert Insights:

Build an impactful contact center with voice AI


Conference Code:[S51860]

First time:March 24, 02:00 - 02:50


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Scan the poster QR code below and register for free.GTC23On March 24, I listened to the fireside conversation between the co-founders of OpenAI and NVIDIA. The meeting will be presided over by NVIDIA experts, with Chinese explanations and real-time answering questions to see the current situation and future of AI!

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GTC23 | "Voice AI" Topic Club Speeches Capped

GTC23 | "Voice AI" Topic Club Speeches Capped 2023-03-20 09:34 In the past, when people mentioned synthetic speech, they often associated with monotonous robot phones and GPS navigation systems, and voice AI changed this situation. Voice AI enables people to talk to devices, machines, and computers to simplify and improve their lives, and it is being used to support virtual assistants, expand call centers, enhance AR experiences, improve medical experiences, and more.

GTC23 | Come to China AI Day to explore the cutting-edge AI applications of the Internet!

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